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Are you thinking of adopting a child in Singapore but don’t know where to start and who to turn to?

Get help from someone who has done it. Been there.  Years ago, when my wife and I were seeking to adopt a child, we had no one to turn to. There was no guide book. We had to learn the hard way. The mistakes were costly.  We had bad experiences with our adoption agency.

Adoption is a wonderful thing. Having a child completes the family. But the journey is stressful and uncertain.  Now you can benefit from my experience. You can start your adoption journey with more confidence and certainty.

With the help of  a friend who runs a local baby adoption agency,  I have put together a 43 page e-book that answers to most questions that adopters ask.

How to Adopt a Child in Singapore

Search no more.  Let me save you the time.

Table of Content

You’ll find the Answers to these questions:

How many adoptions a year?

What’s society’s view on adoption?

Who are the adopters

Is Singapore a party to the Hague Convention?


Who are these children?

What the best age of a child to adopt?

How fast is it possible to adopt a baby?

Birth certificate – What can and cannot be changed

Can we obtain medical report of the child to ascertain normality?

How do you ensure that the baby is healthy

Are there any orphanages in Singapore?

Where can I find a local baby?

How to select a baby

When can I bring the baby home?


Do we get to see the biological parents?

Will the biological parent know who is adopting their baby?


What are the requirements to adopt a baby in Singapore

I am a Singapore permanent resident Can I adopt?

What are the age requirement to adopt a child?

I am an Indian citizen holding an employment pass Can I adopt?

I am a foreigner not residing in Singapore Can I adopt a child in Singapore?

I am a Single Can I adopt?

I am on Employment Pass in Singapore Can I adopt a child in Singapore?

Can I adopt from China?

Can I adopt from Vietnam?


How much is the cost of adoption

Why is adoption so expensive

Is it compulsory to engage the service of an adoption agency?


What are the adoption procedures for expatriates?

Do adoptive parents need to travel to foreign country when adopting a child?


What is the HSR?

Who needs a HSR?

Why you need a HSR?

What is the aim of the HSR?

What do they look for?

How much is the HSR?

Who are the accredited Home Study Report (HSR) providers?

How’s the home study report conducted?

What the documentations required for HSR?

What they ask at the interview sessions?

Home visit

How long is the HSR valid?

How long will the home study take?

What are the compulsory attendance required before adoption finalized


What are the adoption agencies in Singapore?

Are the adoption agencies regulated?

What can adoption agencies do for you?

Bad experience with adoption agencies

How do you choose an adoption agency?

How do you verify if the service is legitimate?


Are children from other countries available for adoption?

Procedures for citizenship

For Australians – Where to a find support group

For Australians – Letter from the Embassy

Resources for Americans

For New Zealanders – Letters from the Embassy

Procedure for getting Canadian citizenship

Resources for Non-Resident Indians

For Norwegians – Letter from the Embassy


Is there a Support Group for Adoptive Parents?

When should we inform or adopted children about their background

Disclosure – How to let Your Child know he is adopted

Dealing with a traumatized child

If your question is not listed here, drop me an email at info@singaporebabyadoption.com

This is the only book  on the subject of adoption in Singapore.  If you are still hesitating, let me assure you that if  you are not satisfied with the content,  I will gladly refund your money.

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